KNX is programmed with ETS. That stands for Engineering Tool Software. Do you want to learn more tricks about ETS5, or has it been so long that you would like to be refreshed? Then register for this course!

The advantages at a glance:

  • 1 ½ hour webinar
  • Follow the webinar from office / home
  • Lesson from an experienced KNX Tutor

ETS5 freshen up...

What can you do next?

After the training you are completely up to speed about ETS5.

For who is it?

Anyone who works with ETS5.

What Do You Need?

A PC, tablet or mobile phone to follow the webinar.

What will you learn?

We go step by step through ETS5. 

  • Start: The main windows of ETS5
  • Windows:
    • topology
    • Building
    • Bus participants
    • Group addresses
  • Applications: Channels and Objects
  • Diagnosis:
    • Bus monitor
    • Group monitor
  • Features: The biggest secret of ETS5
  • Products: The online product catalog
  • Data: Storing data on a server

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