KNX – Advanced

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Once you've mastered the basics of KNX-based building automation, it's time for the advanced training.

KNX specialists should know about the topics covered in this course as:

1 Flags
2 HVAC control with KNX (base)
3 Interworking
4 matchmakers
5 IP Communication
6 KNX Secure
7 KNX Telegram
8 Light control
9 Security technology
10 Logic functions
11 Visualization Systems
12 Fail-safe planning (informative chapter)
13 ETS Apps (Information Chapter)
14 KNX & Multimedia (informative chapter)
15 KNX & Smart metering (informative chapter)


A preview of the structure and topics can be found here:

Note: This only concerns the online theory course. Without the associated classroom lessons and exam, this does not entitle you to the KNX advanced certificate.

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