Short HVAC – KNX course


KNX is the worldwide open standard for professional home and building automation. Are you experienced with KNX installations, but do you run into integration with HVAC installations in the projects? 

By following this course you will learn the basics about heating and cooling techniques, and how to program HVAC installations to be linked to KNX with ETS!

The advantages at a glance:

  • 1 day course
  • No superfluous theory
  • Access to the full theory via the online learning environment
  • 6 months of support after completing the course
  • Hands-on practice
  • Small groups (max 6 persons)
  • Lesson from an experienced KNX Tutor

Read quick and efficient KNX programming!

What are you going to learn? – Classical

In the morning the following theory will be discussed in class: 

  • Basic knowledge HVAC
  • Heat distribution systems
  • Heat generators
    • Conventional
    • Heat pump
    • solar heat
  • Send or Arrange
  • Individual room control
  • Climate and Environmental Sensors
After lunch we start programming a climate control system.

What are you going to learn? – Theory online

With this 1-day HVAC – KNX course you will receive the online course KNX – HVAC Specialist. This course is available online in Dutch and includes an English PDF for reference.

The course consists of 9 chapters with a total of 45 lessons.

During the course you can ask specific questions about the material to our experienced KNX Tutor.

Learn all about Proportional – Integral (PI) controls, Heat transfer, Sensors and the difference between 'steering' and 'control'.

Read more about the structure and content of the online theory:

When is it?

When this course is scheduled, the agenda will be published here. Are you interested in the meantime? Contact us via the contact form!

What can you do next?

After the training you will have theoretical and practical knowledge about integrating HVAC installations with KNX.

For who is it?

The training is intended for experienced programmers, project leaders, work planners and E-technicians who have ever followed a KNX (basic) course, or who have taught themselves how to program with ETS
The group size is a maximum of 6 people.

What Do You Need?

You must:

Get along with a PC (Windows, MAC is not supported!)
To have knowledge of electrical circuits, single-pole, switch, cross, dimming, blinds, etc.
Bring your own laptop with the Windows operating system version 7 or higher and with at least 1 free USB connection for the programming interface.

Before the start of the course, you are expected to have the latest version of ETS installed on your laptop!

What else?

The course includes study materials, coffee/tea and lunch. All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.


Waste of time.. At KNX Control you learn what you need in practice, not what you need to pass an exam. Do you still want to test whether your knowledge is sufficient? You can use the online learning environment including tests for this, when it suits you. If you have passed all the tests, you will receive a certificate of participation!

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