KNX is the worldwide open standard for professional home and building automation. By following this course you will first learn how KNX was created, then how to project a KNX home automation installation and finally how to program these installations with ETS!

The advantages at a glance:

  • 2 day course
  • No superfluous theory
  • Access to the full theory via the online learning environment
  • 6 months of support after completing the course
  • Hands-on practice
  • Small groups (max 6 persons)
  • Lesson from an experienced KNX Tutor


  • € 450,- excluding VAT

Read quick and efficient KNX programming!

What are you going to learn? – Practice

The important stuff. 

  • How does ETS5 work: Basic use and tricks
  • Switching: How to set up a switching actuator
  • Dimming: How to set up a dimming actuator
  • Sun protection: The basic settings for sun protection
  • Thermostat: How to set a climate control
  • Motion sensor: How to set up a motion sensor
  • Programming: Addressing and programming components
  • Flags: How the flag hangs 
  • What if things go wrong: Fault finding

What are you going to learn? - Theory

We have taken the cake from the official KNX basic training, and so we were able to catch this course in 2 days. 

  • What is KNX: History and background
  • Topology: The structure of a KNX installation
  • System overview: Addressing, objects, telegrams
  • Bus participants: Sensors, actuators and controllers
  • Installation: Twisted Pair, IP and RF
  • Programming: The secrets of ETS
  • Diagnosis: Fault finding

When is it?

When this course is scheduled, the agenda will be published here. Are you interested in the meantime? Contact us via the contact form!

What can you do next?

After the training you have acquired both technical and commercial insight into an installation built from KNX components and you are able to explain the advantages of a KNX installation to potential clients.

You can also make a design based on a solution question, realize it and put it into operation.

For who is it?

The training is intended for (future) programmers, project leaders, work planners and E-technicians.
The group size is a maximum of 6 people.

What Do You Need?

You must:

Get along with a PC (Windows, MAC is not supported!)
To have knowledge of electrical circuits, single-pole, switch, cross, dimming, blinds, etc.
Bring your own laptop with the Windows operating system version 7 or higher and with at least 1 free USB connection for the programming interface.

Before the start of the course, you are expected to have the latest version of ETS installed on your laptop!

What else?

The course includes study materials, coffee/tea and lunch. All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.


Waste of time.. At KNX Control you learn what you need in practice, not what you need to pass an exam. Do you still want to test whether your knowledge is sufficient? You can use the online learning environment including tests for this, when it suits you. If you have passed all the tests, you will receive a certificate of participation!

Still interested in the official KNX certificate so that your company name and your personal details are displayed on the KNX website? Then sign up for a KNX basic course with our partner: xxter

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