2-day KNX Basic course - classroom & online


This 2-day KNX training is the first training one must follow to KNX Partners and to be included in the KNX Partner list on the KNX website.

During this training, the participants learn how to design and commission electrical installations equipped with a KNX bus system.

This course is 2 days classical practice with exams, the theorie you learn at your own pace at home online.

Don't like online study? Then follow the 4-day class! https://www.knxcontrol.nl/knx-basis-opleiding/



  • € 450,- excluding VAT

get you KNX partners certificate!

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What will you learn? 

  • System arguments: meaningful use and selling points
  • Topology: structure of the bus installation in a building
  • System overview: data transfer between components
  • Bus participants: structure of the components
  • Installation: Rules When Installing Components
  • KNX rf: wireless communication
  • Projecting: designing a bus installation
  • Commissioning: programming the components
  • Diagnosis and Fault Finding: Troubleshooting an Installation

Lesson days:

The training lasts 2 teaching days (from 09.00:17.00-XNUMX:XNUMX).
The exam will take place on day 2.


The training is given in the training center of KNX Control in Breda, by a certified KNX Tutor. This training can be provided internally on request.

What can you do next?

After the training you have acquired both technical and commercial insight into an installation built from KNX components and you are able to explain the advantages of a KNX installation to potential clients.

You can also make a design based on a solution question, realize it and put it into operation.

For who is it?

The training is intended for (future) programmers, project leaders, work planners and E-technicians.
The group size is a maximum of 6 people.

What Do You Need?

You must:

Get along with a PC (Windows, MAC is not supported!)
To have knowledge of electrical circuits, single-pole, switch, cross, dimming, blinds, etc.
Bring your own laptop with the Windows operating system version 7 or higher and with at least 1 free USB connection for the programming interface.

Before the start of the course, you are expected to have the latest version of ETS installed on your laptop!

What else?

The course includes study materials, coffee/tea and lunch. 

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.


The training is given in the training center of KNX Control in Breda and concluded with two exams, theory and practice of 90 minutes each.

If both exams are concluded with a positive result, the participant will receive a KNX certificate.

If you wish, the company name and details may be mentioned on the KNX website and the company may use the KNX partner logo for promotional purposes.

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